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Online community, groups and YouTube channels

The first thing that amazed me when I started my journey back into the Amiga world was the incredible online community. I am going to share with you just a few of my highlights so far.

After a brief search on Facebook, I stumbled across the Norwich Amiga Group ( This seemed like the obvious place for me to start, I joined straight away. That was back in July 2018, the group was already over a year old, but since I joined, I have seen it grow significantly and at the time of writing it has 746 members.

The Norwich Amiga Group have held a number of meet ups, where members bring along their machines, help each other out and have some friendly game competitions. Looking back (from the middle of our 3rd lockdown) I really wish I had attended when I had the chance. Hopefully, things will start to return to normal over the coming months and when the meet ups start again, I will definitely be there!

The other Facebook group that I have found to be really helpful is the Commodore Amiga group ( The members have been super helpful and answered many of my stupid questions.

Having ventured onto YouTube in search of videos and guides to explain how to do a number of things or solve issues that I was experiencing, the first channel that I discovered that was really helpful was Jan Beta ( Jan’s hands-on approach is really interesting and really gave me some confidence to have a go at things.

Several years ago, my kids asked me who my favourite YouTuber was. When I told them I didn’t have one, they thought I was crazy! Well, I am now able to tell them that my favourite YouTuber is RMC (

The channel is very polished and professional, and the content is varied. There are repair videos, reviews and unboxing new products. Neil’s approach to the videos is great and makes me want to just keep watching video after video! The channel has been running for a long time, so I have lots of content to work my way through! I have particularly enjoyed the Amiga 600 series of videos.

More recently, I have found Reddit (not a network I had ever used before). On here I have found the Amiga SubReddit (, again the community here are really helpful and have already been very supportive of this blog.

I've also been pointed towards the Lemon Amiga forum ( which I have only just joined, but first impressions are really good!

Hopefully the content I will be producing will add to the already fantastic online community and will help to inspire people to take on their own projects and keep the Amiga alive!

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